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Defend Christmas is portrayed in the media as a far right wing publication that is a part of the War on Christmas.

This is wrong.

We are fighting the WAR on the War on Christmas. This means we think both sides in the battle are wrong.

We believe in the 95% sentiment…that there is no actual war on Christmas.

If there is, Christmas is winning, hands down.

We see no shortage of Santas, Christmas trees, Christmas shoppers, eggnog, mistletoe or anything else typically associated with Christmas.

If you say there is a War on Christmas, you’re simply paranoid. Relax, Santa will come.

We believe some, however, are overly sensitive about Christmas. They go way too far in their snark and criticism of the season.

The profane t-shirts, snotty bumper stickers, mocking billboards and weird Internet sites that complain about Christmas are offensive and unnecessary. The predictable media onslaught every year is tiresome, largely fake news and completely agenda driven.

If you don’t keep Christmas, that’s fine. We’ll all get over it.

Some don’t celebrate Labor Day, the Superbowl, or Halloween either. You don’t see them parading their ignorance by posting anti-sites about those things, do you?

We agree that certain elements of Christmas belong only in appropriate places. The mess called American public schools, for example, is no place for Christmas.

Yeah, a first grade class singing The First Noel is innocent enough. But placating the politically correct who see Nativities, shepherds, wisemen and stars as religious indoctrination is just too much work. We’re okay with Christmas being celebrated in the privacy of homes and away from any government entity who can only screw it up.

Their is a reason that schools, the ACLU and the government cannot get it right. They don’t understand that Christmas is both sacred and secular at the same time. There’s no crime in that, either. But they have to make it difficult and usually they have to make things up to do it.

They create mixed messages about the separation between Church and State simply because they cannot read. A school or any other government-run building that uses a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or even a baby Jesus displayed during the season is NOT establishing a religion (the Constitution only remarks about Congress establishing a religion, folks).

But since all they want to do is argue that we think they should get out of the business of Christmas altogether.

There is wisdom in removing what is sacred from places where it isn’t treated as such.

At the same time, there is also absurdity in calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree. There is nothing wrong with including the secular symbols such as Christmas trees in public schools. Common sense, they call it.

Christmas in public spaces likewise needs a careful approach.

The fact that God is on the money is no reason, in our view, to limit his exposure somewhere else. Just because a Nativity scene is erected on a courthouse lawn does not mean the government is “establishing” a religion.

Likewise, an atheist display of Christmas should be welcomed, too.

Or a Satanist display.

Or a display simply showcasing Santa and his tiny reindeer.

At the end of the day, nobody is making anyone pray to anyone’s god, much less the government.

We believe public spaces includes neighborhoods of private residences.

We love Christmas lights, just like anyone else.

But when a homeowner goes crazy with the lights they have to acknowledge the problems that arise to the public at the same time.

A neighbor who complains that they are inconvenienced is NOT anti-Christmas, in most cases.

We are pleased when folks can work these things out. We are excited when everyone wins.

But we deplore the “light fights” during what is traditionally a season of peace and joy.

We do not think the word “Christmas” is a dirty word.

We think that not only should merchants use the word Christmas but we think they should use it in big letters.

At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with saying “Happy Holidays”. Happy Holidays is not offensive and it does not mean “take your Christmas and shove it in your hat”. Saying Happy Holidays is just fine and we welcome it. After all, the word “holidays” is derived from “holy days”. Why wouldn’t we like it? A court will take a case to the limit if the word is Christmas. But if it is “holidays”? There’s not even a case.

Not every story played out in the media means that Christmas is under attack. We deplore those that see conspiracy at every turn.

A good example was the farm bill of 2011 that proposed a 15 cent fee on all real Christmas trees sold to support a government program…that marketed real Christmas trees.

Media outlets spun that issue into an attack on Christmas when clearly it was intended to support a real American Christmas industry.

Absurdity abounds on all sides.

And that’s what we do here: we document the battles in the war on Christmas and we arbitrate that which is absurd.

We think the War on Christmas should go away. But we know that those with pet agendas will just never let it be.

That’s why we’re here.

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