Woolworths Pulls Christian Magazines, Spurs Boycott

Woolworths’ (a UK department store) decision to pull Christian magazines Lig, Leef, Joy and Juig from its shelves, has caused outrage among some of their customers.

Customers have taken to the Woolworths Facebook fan page to show their disapproval of this decision, saying sarcastically the chain should also not display or sell any products related to Christmas and Easter, as these are Christian holidays.

Earlier, Beeld newspaper reported the removal of these Christian magazines from Woolworths’ shelves and threats by some customers boycott the chain.

Woolworths CEO Simon Susman told the newspaper they are reviewing all magazines the store sells and will continue to remove titles that are not popular with the customers.

“I would like to state irrevocably that I will not shop at Woolworths again until you replace Christians magazines on your shelves. It seems as if you do not mind offending Christians (or our wallets!) Are you going to remove all marketing for Christmas and Easter because these are after all Christian holidays,” said a customer.

One user said in the battle of “God vs. Woolworths” he choses God, and that this is a sign it’s the end of the world.

Other users said that there are a lot of Christians who shop at Woolworths, and their decision to not buy there will be felt financially.

Another customer said even if the magazines are brought back, they will not shop at Woolworths again.

Someone else added that popular magazine Finesse should still be stocked, and asked that not all Christian magazines be removed.

Another customer said it’s clearly a business decision as there is no money from the sale of these titles, and that people who usually buy these magazines, can get it from another store.

Not all commenters agreed with the boycott, with one saying: “I think everyone, especially Christians, should learn about tolerance. This makes me so angry. I dont know why Christians think they better then any other religion! Its time to go back to basics people… WWJD??????? Not cause such an uproar.. and forget all his values…”

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