Woodland, California Residents Complain About Christmas Lights in March

Residents of Woodland, California have taken to complaining to a local television station about neighbors who still have their Christmas lights up in March.

“Our neighbor insists on leaving his christmas lights up until now, it’s March 7,” says Jacque Young who lives in Woodland and is tired of seeing her neighbors light strands strung up on his house and on his front lawn. “He looks lazy and it detracts from our neighborhood and it’s a nice neighborhood and I love living here and I don’t like to have to see that every time I walk out of my door.”

Christmas lights didn’t seem to detract from the neighborhood during the merry season. But with spring upon us it appears to be Bah Humbug time in Woodland.

Defend Christmas.com has received similar reports from other areas around the country. However, in some areas residents insist the ongoing display of lights is just as appropriate now as it was at Christmas time.

“It upsets me,” said Todd Greene, of Boulder, Colorado. Greene received a request from his neighbor to take down his holiday lights. “It’s my house, it’s my lights and I like them up until the snow is gone. That’s my tradition. Most others take them down in early January around here and that’s fine with me. I put mine up in September, before the snow flies, and I take them down in May, when the snow is done. To me, that’s Christmas, where there is snow or even the chance of it. If he doesn’t like my house, don’t look at it. I’m not hurting anyone.”

Christmas lights are one of the most sensitive ongoing topics in the war on Christmas. Massive displays are criticized for the traffic they bring while some are even calling lights a religious symbol of the season, adding to their controversy. But lights on private property are always a sticky topic because they might reflect personal views that impact in public ways.

This dispute often, as it is demonstrated here, spills over into other times and seasons of the year.

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