Wisconsin School District Sets New Christmas Music Policy

One of the most reported stories in the war on Christmas during 2013 has come to a quiet conclusion. The Wausau School District famously censored traditional Christmas carols resulting in the disbanding of school music groups and a huge community uproar over the issue last October. The school district superintendent came under intense scrutiny for a broad decision limiting religious-themed music from public concerts by school groups.

After months of contentious and visible debate in the media locally and nationwide the Wausau School District finally decided on a policy that removes school administration from the decision process. Music teachers and the community will now collaborate on music selection.

“It wasn’t so much an administration deciding,” said Board President Michelle Schaefer. “It was the music teachers planning and deciding and really making their own concerts.”

A district-wide community board will also meet with music departments at least once a year to make sure everyone works together.

Keep an eye tuned to this school district next season. The next time you hear “O Come All Ye Faithful” fall from the lips of a high school choir group you can bet a letter will be sent to the school district from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is also based in Wisconsin.

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