Who in the Media Will Be the First to Complain About Christmas Creep

It’s that lovely time of year again. Christmas in July is over. The media has spent its orgasmic energy praising Amazon for holding a sidewalk sale. And there’s nothing yet to complain about.

Until they notice the Christmas stuff at Hobby Lobby. Then the bombs will drop and we’ll start hearing the first complaints of Christmas Creep.

Oddly enough, those complaints will last ALL the way until Thanksgiving.

So who will be the first to say it? The LA Times? TMZ? Time.com? Forbes?

They have all complained about Christmas-when-they-don’t-like-it-before. And they are just itching with Trump in the White House for this rumble to get started.

But so far everyone has held their fire. In fact, it has been eerily quiet on the Christmas war front. We cannot say that we expected that.

But we have no doubt it will happen soon. After all, Mariah Carey is already trying to sell her 25 year old record again.

And Chaz the Spaz has already announced his Satanic-Trump-Weenie Pole for the Florida Statehouse again.

They’re all primed and ready to explode. All they need is a trigger.

Wonder where it will happen?

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