War on Christmas 2013 to Star Sarah Palin

The publicity machine is pumping already to promote Sarah Palin’s new Christmas book. In a video interview this week with Ralph Reed Palin promised to go after “angry atheists” in her book:

Opposing political forces are lining up quickly. Snarky reviews of Palin’s yet-to-be-published book have already surfaced. From the tone these articles are taking it is apparent these forces are itching for a fight.

That means Christmas is going to get a lot of bad press this year — just as we feared in opining early that Palin’s Christmas book is a bad idea. Come fall, when the book is published, there will be a lot of discussion about Christmas, where it came from and how it is being used in politics and society. That generally means a lot of bad information — on all political sides — about Christmas.

Some suggest that the book is an effort by Palin to remain relevant during a non-election year. Others suggest it is part of her campaign to possibly run for senator in Alaska. Given Palin’s track record, however, it will no doubt be divisive. Key words in Palin’s pre-publishing advance is her use of the words “push back” and “legalese” in describing what people can do to combat political correctness when it comes to Christmas.

Here she is saying that herself on the War-on-Christmas channel, also known as FoxNews:

We cannot explain Palin’s motivation.

But we can report on the effect this will have on Christmas-enthusiasts everywhere: nothing good will come from this.

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