Virginia Radio Station Slammed for Christmas Music in October

Richmond, Virginia radio station 103.7 FM flipped the switch to Christmas music in early October — and is getting slammed for it.

What exactly is behind the decision to start with Christmas music while temperatures remain in the 70s around Central Virginia? 103.7 Play host Melissa Chase said they just felt Richmond needed a pick me up.

“This year people needed the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual,” Chase said. “There was stress over the parking with the UCI bike race and almost getting hit by a hurricane. RVA needed this.”

But according to the station’s Facebook page not all listeners were feeling the Christmas love.

“Really? Might as well just play it all year round. I just removed this station from my choice buttons. Just like retailers, it is horrible to push this on us,” 103.7 Play Facebook fan Carrie added.

“Seriously? We loved listening to you at work. Well not anymore. This is why people are sick of Christmas before it begins!” Facebook fan Heather warned.

“Geez, I can’t believe people are getting so upset over this,” Sherry interjected. “It’s really no different than walking into a store and seeing all Christmas decorations being put up. It gave my son and I good laugh this morning when we heard Christmas music playing.”

For 103.7 Play host Melissa Chase, it’s all about the Christmas spirit.

That might or might not be true. Some radio stations play Christmas music for a period of time before going through major format changes. The tactic has been used several times in recent years as a method of resetting listener stats and starting over with a station. It isn’t clear if this is the intent of 103.7 or not.

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