Venezuela Mandates Christmas Creep

Sometimes it is good to be the King, er, President.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has declared that for the sake of happiness the government declares it “officially” Christmas time. This was done on November 1st.

“Today, on this first day of November, we decided to declare the arrival of Christmas, because we want happiness for all people,” Maduro said.

The story has been widely reported, including on NPR.

Of course, this begs the question: if the American government declared Christmas would the American media stop complaining about Christmas creep?

No word on whether or not Christmas is actually happening in Venezuela. How do you mandate happiness, after all?

Of course, with a new Deputy Minister of Supreme Happiness (we’re not kidding) in Venezuela and the return of Hugo Chavez in the form of “a little bird”, it is apparent that anything can happen in Venezuela.

When it comes to Christmas in Venezuela it is a land of curious celebration: On Christmas Eve it’s customary for locals to rollerskate to Mass through the streets of Caracas. In fact many streets are closed. When children go to bed they are said to tie a string to their big toe and let the other end hang out of the window. When the rollerskaters fly past in the morning they tug any strings they see to wake the children up early for presents. (We’re not kidding about this either — it’s all true).

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