UK Hotel Bans Children at Christmas Dinner

CHILDREN have been banned from having Christmas Day dinner in a hotel restaurant.

Lochgreen House was nicknamed Loch Grinch House by customers who are angry that kids are being shut out.

One parent tried to book a table at the Troon hotel for the whole family.

She said: “We were told children are not allowed on Christmas Day.

“I have always thought Christmas was all about families and especially for children.

“My parents have enjoyed many a meal at Lochgreen and eight years ago they celebrated their golden wedding there.

“Now, they won’t be back. Where has the Christmas spirit gone?”

Bosses at Lochgreen, which is owned by ex-Kilmarnock Football Club chairman Bill Costley, say children can stay at the hotel over Christmas.

But kids under 12 will get their turkey dinner in a separate room from other guests.

Costley claimed the hotel was only reacting to customer demand.

He said: “At Lochgreen House we have the greatest respect for the wishes of our guests. We know that many people wish to spend their Christmas meal in elegant and peaceful surroundings, enjoying a convivial atmosphere with friends and family.

“It is for this reason that at Lochgreen only we have decided to bow to public demand and enforce an age restriction of 12 years.

“Lochgreen is special to the people of Ayrshire with its beautiful furnishings and antiques and its aura of peace in a hectic world.

“We all love children. I have six grandchildren myself, but there are times when we want peace and, as life is all about choice, we are providing this option to our guests.”

Loch Grinch – nicknamed after the Dr Seuss character who stole Christmas – charges £75 for their Christmas Dinner.

Inevitably, there’s not a chicken nugget in sight. Instead, guests are offered a range of dishes, including braised haunch of venison and baked fillet of halibut with a tartar crust.

The other five hotels and three inns in Ayrshire which are owned by Costley & Costley do welcome kids for Christmas Dinner.

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