UK Debates Christmas Creep

Christmas might be more popular in the UK than even in the United States. That does not mean they are not above arguing about it.

Dueling news shows the fight against Christmas is as pervasive there as it is in the USA. Express is reporting today that 20 percent of Brits begin their Christmas shopping in July while a pub in Milton Keynes is taking heat for putting up a — gasp! — Christmas tree in July to promote the booking of holiday events. Where will all this insanity lead?

The Express notes:

While you might be (understandably) shocked by this figure, the news that one in five Brits claim to have already started planning for the festive season has broken.

How will they ever get over the shock? But nothing matches the outrage at seeing a fully decorated Christmas tree in July.

A Harvester in Milton Keynes has put up its Christmas tree – complete with baubles and tinsel – more than five months early. Shocked customers were greeted by the festive decoration at the popular pub-restaurant this week and encouraged to book early for their Christmas lunch.

Christmas has been celebrated in England for better than 1500 years. You have to wonder when the “shock” will wear off.

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