Town Threatens $3000 Fine for Christmas Decorations Left Up

A man’s yard filled with toys and Christmas decorations in Ross Township, Pennsylvania has drawn the ire of neighbors and threats from a town council. Robert Ansell has until May 29th to clean up the yard or face a $3000 fine. Ansell owns the home, which is lived in by his brother William.

This particular property has been in the news for years as the Christmas display was once very popular and drew thousands of people each Christmas, much to the consternation of neighbors who had to put up with traffic, trash and parking woes each December.

But conditions have taken a dark turn over the years. Ansell’s Christmas display is nowhere near as jolly as it used to be. Local media reports that there is a Santa Claus urinating the driveway, some blow mold Christmas characters are old and faded, a snowman has been repeatedly run over and there is another Santa with a cone on his head.

Bitterness between neighbors has been frequently bitter. When a neighbor died Ansell hung a sign calling his neighbors thieves and liars.

“They all speak truth in that when you steal somebody’s mailbox, I mean, you know, put a sign up calling them a thief,” said Robert Ansell. “I’m just exercising my First Amendment right.”

Neighbors took a photo of it, though Ansell denies putting an angel in his yard with a knife in her head after he was found guilty of harassment.

“Keeping poking the bear and the bear’s going to come back and he’s gonna bite you,” William Ansell said.

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