Town Overrides School Board to Name Christmas Break

It wasn’t even a close vote. 76 percent of voters in Norwood, Massachusetts said the school board was wrong to change the school calendars. The measure calls for the public school vacation week currently named “Winter Recess” to be renamed as “Christmas Recess.”

The committee renamed the winter break period as “Winter Recess” two years ago. Jim Drummey and Theresa McNulty of Norwood were unhappy with the committee’s decision and led the push to get the resolution on the ballot after an effort to rename the vacation week failed in May of last year.

“We think there is a movement in our country to demote Christianity and Christmas is the name of a Christian feast day,” McNulty told local media shortly before the vote.

The current school calendar does not reference Christmas, only “Winter Recess.”

“We’re not excluding anybody, of course you want diversity, of course you want to respect all religions, but the only one that’s getting disrespected right now is Christianity,” said Drummey.

Norwood School Superintendent James Hayden downplayed the battle over the naming of the vacation week.

“This is not a fight about Christmas. We acknowledge it. It’s about being representative for everyone. I hope we can get beyond being hung up on labels,” said Hayden.

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