TIME Sets New Record in Complaining about Christmas

Christmas this year falls on December 25th. Just like every year. Yet the media has persisted in complaining all season about “Christmas creep”. TIME magazine published on November 21st this article titled “Christmas Really is Earlier Than Ever This Year and Here’s Proof“.

We will be glad to address the points of this article on by one in simple fashion.

1. Wrong. The Kmart ad touting their layaway program was indeed 108 days before Christmas — two weeks later than their similar ad from a year ago.

2. Wrong. Those lists come out every year, usually in July. They were late this year.

3. Wrong. Those stations were late starters. Most began November 1st, just like last year.

4. Right. But Venezuela has continued a tradition of being ruled by a madman. That, and they are desperate to get out of their depression.

5. True. No two ways about it. Black Friday is dead. (And so, sadly, is Thanksgiving as a result)

6. Wrong. Tree sales have started at the same time as in the past.

How any of this is relevant to anything is beyond us. But nobody really reads TIME any way. Still, they are a news outlet and it would be nice if one of them would do a little research before they put up stuff like this. Clearly the media does not like Christmas and doesn’t want anyone else to like it either.

The only record being set this year is how LATE they continue to crap about it.

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