Time Magazine Wins Media Rush to Bash Christmas Creep

The annual whine has been poured.

Just like eggnog, mistletoe and Santa himself, complaining about “Christmas creep” is a tradition in American media dating back decades. Ironically, complaining about Christmas in stores is happening earlier and earlier than ever before (we noticed the complaints on September 11th last year).

This year the first to speak loudly about Christmas creep is Time magazine, who will stop at nothing to remain relevant, declaring Christmas creep an “annoying retail trend”.

“We’ve just come off of Christmas in July,” noted Jeff Westover of ChristmasHistory.net, “A totally retail-driven event that puts snowmen front and center in the heat of summer and places Santa at the beach. Hallmark had a run of Christmas movies, radio stations ran Christmas music marathons, shopping channels and stores sold all things Christmas. This is a tradition that dates back sixty years or more and retail is at the heart of it. But do we hear any complaints in the media about it? No. But, if a store puts up Christmas items for sale in August or September? It somehow gives retailers a black eye for bringing Christmas too early. What ever happened to the observant media and real reporting of news?”

We will see increasing media coverage of “Christmas creep” for the next two months.

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