Threats of Anti-Christmas Activity Surfaces Early in 2012

Over the past four weeks has received a steady stream of threats about anti-Christmas protests and activities in 2012. This is the earliest such threats have been received. The threats center around some of the most noteworthy events in the media’s declared “war on Christmas” from last year from nativity scenes on public lands in California and Texas and to Christian-themed displays in Warren, Michigan.

“We receive word of planned protests all the time,” noted Jeff Westover of My Merry, a sister site to “But what makes these notices unique is that they are coming so early in the year, they appear to be coordinated and we’re receiving them through multiple sites in our network. Someone out there wants people to know Christmas 2012 will be anything but peaceful.”

Two events seemed to dominate the season of 2011: a famous annual display in Santa Monica, California was displaced in 2011 and replaced by a largely atheist-themed holiday display. A traditional nativity scene was included in that display but it was considerably smaller and notably located far from its usual prominent spot. City officials there said the organizations behind that change either filed late or were simply picked last in a lottery that determined display placement.

Another high-profile event of 2011 was about a nativity display on a courthouse lawn in Athens, Texas where national news organizations provided coverage when thousands of Christians rallied to support the display. The Freedom from Religion Foundation lost that battle and many of the emails coming in claim they will not be denied in 2012.

“The Texas display is the one that still keeps the email flowing,” Westover confirms. “Election year politics are usually blamed for an increase in anti-Christmas sentiment and this year it will be worse because of so many anti-religious ties in the political discourse. With the President’s controversial proposals requring religious-based employers to provide abortion and contraceptive services in insurance plans the anti-religion rhetoric is at an all-time high and we expect that to carry over into Christmas in a bigger way in 2012.”

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