The Gap Caves, Will Say Merry Christmas

For years the battle has raged: the American Family Association targeted The Gap and associated companies and brands for not using the words “Merry Christmas” in its advertising and signage. After eight years the battle is over: The Gap concedes and will begin using the dreaded C-word again:

As we near the holiday season I want to update you on how Gap, Inc.’s family of brands will celebrate the Christmas season. As a global retailer, we embrace the diversity of our customers and respect a variety of traditions and faith during the holidays, including Christmas.

Starting today, every Gap Outlet window will have signs that say “Merry Christmas” along with Christmas trees and wreaths throughout their stores.

So says Bill Chandler, a Vice-President-in-Charge-of-This-Kind-of-Stuff for The Gap, in an open letter to the AFA that NO major media has bothered to cover.

Chandler said in the letter that a “special Christmas-themed event” was being planned for all of its Old Navy stores in mid-December, adding that the stores’ websites will also include “Christmas-related products.”

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon said in an email to supporters that eight years ago, nearly 80 percent of retailers abandoned Christmas for a non-offensive, generic holiday approach. The group attributes some retailers’ turnaround to the grassroots pressure the assocation’s supports have put on companies waging a “war on Christmas.”

“AFA began working with GAP Inc. about five years ago when it adamantly refused to use the term ‘Christmas’ in any of its seasonal advertising,” Wildmon said in the email. “For that reason, AFA asked you to boycott Gap stores during the Christmas shopping season last year. Your efforts have paid off.”

We now return you to your regularly scheduled war on Christmas featuring schools and court houses.

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