The British Battle Over Christmas Creep

Nobody celebrates Christmas like the British. They may say “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” and they embrace Christmas pudding as a holiday food but pound for pound they are just as Christmas crazy as anyone. So the fights against Christmas in Britain are just as real as they are anywhere else — even when it comes to nonsensical things like Christmas Creep.

One of the more unique UK traditions is the lighting of streets in busy shopping districts. It’s a huge deal. Big budget money is set aside for these events and lighting ceremonies featuring celebrities is quite common. Light a street for Christmas in the UK and the undeniable message is for folks to get Christmas shopping. And, of course, the street lighting ceremonies “get earlier and earlier each year”.

The media in Great Britain has done exhaustive scientific research and they have concluded that if things continue on their current track they will be celebrating Santa in July by the year 2100. Seriously. See the chart below:


This is Quartz’s Christmas Creep Calculator. Quartz is a UK publisher with huge concerns about Christmas lights on UK streets and the damaging affects they have on morality, global warming, organic fruit, and the occurrence of liver cancer in neighborhood cats.

Of course, they decry anything remotely associated with the American Christmas:

The UK has recently imported the “Black Friday” tradition from the US, despite the day after Thanksgiving having no particular significance in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Newsflash to Quartz: Christmas in July in the USA is already a thing. It has been for over a century.

Get over it.

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