Texas Lawmakers Wrangle Over Christmas

While most the world in government wants to exclude the word “Christmas” from just about anything associated with politics two Texas lawmakers have been brawling over which Texas town is the “Christmas Capital” of the State.

Republican Vicki Truitt claims the city of Grapevine, Texas is the rightful owner of said title and has introduced a resolution in the state legislature to make it official.

But Democrat Paul Pierson of Arlington says “Not so fast!”. She claims her own city of Arlington, Texas is wildly merry and deserves the title just as much as Grapevine.

Despite nagging politcal issues in Texas such as gun control, immigration, abortion and soaring government deficits it seems Christmas is all they can talk about recently. The two debated the issue over the Memorial Day weekend.

Not surprisingly, the argument came down to what it always comes down to — money. “Tourism dollars are wildly sought after,” Pierson said. “If you make a town the Christmas destination, it could be costly to other towns.”

Read more from the Dallas News.

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