Melania Trump and Christmas

Melania Trump and Christmas

Melania Trump and Christmas have, overall, had a bumpy history in her time as First Lady.

It seems that despite her best efforts she just cannot do anything right. To be fair — because so few are these days when it comes to Mrs. Trump — the media has a far longer history of hating Christmas.

Tonight many of them are gleefully throwing Mrs. Trump under the Christmas bus for comments she made in a privately recorded phone call.

The tapes of the call expose a conversation where Mrs. Trump is expressing her frustration over the media’s lack of cooperation in covering a story about immigrant children.

In the course of that conversation she said, “I’m working … my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

Melania Trump and Christmas

From this conversation many of the media and on social media are accusing Mrs. Trump of being anti-Christmas and re-igniting the so-called War on Christmas.

“Talk about a war on Christmas,” Anderson Cooper snarked in his interview with Wolkoff after airing the tape. “It’s funny that she would be leading that.”

We have been fearful for sometime that Christmas would be dragged into the politics of 2020 and here we go.

This situation, however, has nothing to do with Christmas and Mrs. Trump’s comments should not be taken out of context. If you listen to the whole recording she is complaining about how as First Lady she cannot get attention to the situation with immigrant children at the border because the media would not cover it. Instead, the media was obsessed with her activity in decorating the White House for Christmas (which the media repeatedly trashed her for).

None of this has anything to do with Christmas. There is nothing in her comments to indicate a dislike for Christmas or Christmas decorating. That has not stopped social media from disparaging her mercilessly:

Honestly, while we are fairly certain of President Trump’s take on Christmas we honestly cannot speak to Mrs. Trump’s true feeling about Christmas.

We do not believe, however, that these recordings reflect an anti-Christmas attitude as many are trying to spin it. Clearly Mrs. Trump – and Christmas – is being used for political grandstanding.

Christmas has no place in this campaign season.

Christmas is about peace. It is being used in this context (out of context, that is) in a battle.

This is shameful and it is everything we stand against.