Alert the Media! Hobby Lobby Has Christmas for Sale

Alert the Media! Hobby Lobby Has Christmas for Sale

Another year, another new record. The Consumerist, which pretends to know everything about retailing, is breathlessly reporting the presence of Christmas stuff for sale at Hobby Lobby — earlier than ever!

The Consumerist, which leads the world in complaining about Christmas creep, frequently picks on Hobby Lobby for their merchandising of Christmas before, well, anyone else.

Mind you, there are no commercials, no Christmas music playing in their stores and nothing of Christmas decorations for the stores themselves in Hobby Lobby right now. They are just selling Christmas-themed stuff. After all, they are a retailer that specializes in craft supplies for people who make stuff for things like holidays.

Note to The Consumerist: Hobby Lobby sells Easter baskets — year round! I know, I know. Scandalous.

Watch what happens the next couple of months. The Consumerist will write article after article about Christmas creep and how invasive Christmas is in our culture long before the season officially begins. They will pick on retailers who launch commercials about Christmas layaway programs. And, heaven forbid, should a single snowflake, Rudolph or Santa appear anywhere before Labor Day — well, it’s all out war on that retailer.

Oh, by the way, The Consumerist might be shocked to learn that there are websites who sell the same crap….every day of the year. What about them?