Paris Christmas Tree Looks Like a Sex Toy

Paris Christmas Tree Looks Like a Sex Toy

Citizens of Paris are asking: what is that thing? Apparently, it’s a Christmas tree.

Although it is only mid October the tree is up and getting lots of attention. The work of American artist Paul McCarthy is considered by some to better resemble a giant sex toy more than a Christmas tree. Many are openly wondering if it is a joke.

The work is 80 feet tall and is simply titled “Tree”. It was evidently placed now because a big International Art Fair will be held nearby in coming weeks.

Public reaction to the tree has been swift and condemning — some expressing shock, others amusement.

This isn’t McCarthy’s first rodeo with controversial works. In 2011 an exhibition of his work in London included a pair of George W Bush sculptures having sex with pigs.

Be prepared to see this image for some time to come of unusual public Christmas trees from around the world.