Post Office Skips Religious Stamps for Christmas

Post Office Skips Religious Stamps for Christmas

A growing chorus of voices is beginning to express their displeasure at the US Postal Service due to their absence of religious themed stamps this holiday season. For generations the postal service has released festive and some times sacred images of religion figures or themes during holiday periods. The absence of such images is getting unfavorable notice.

The outcry began with the observation that the newest Christmas stamps featuring a tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas is conspicuously missing the image of Linus repeating the Christmas story on stage.

Now the exclusion of religion from this year’s stamps has even the politicos wondering if the struggling post office arm of the government is at war with religion.

As for us, we wonder if this is a big deal at all. The USPS is broke and losing money like crazy. There might be other issues contributing to this year’s decision. And it was only last Christmas that they had the Magi.

Let’s wait and see.