Happy Birthday Jesus Sign Won’t Return to Utah Business

Happy Birthday Jesus Sign Won’t Return to Utah Business

Cafe owner Rick Lefler wanted to bring a little Christmas spirit to his business in downtown Ogden, Utah. So he hung a banner outside his small cafe that said “Happy Birthday, Jesus”. The sign immediately got attention. In one respect it got the desired results as community citizens came in to compliment the business on the sign. But others were offended and complained that the sign should be taken down due to its religious nature.

On Christmas morning the sign was stolen.

“Some people believe their view is the only thing that matters,” he said. “But regardless of a person’s religious or political opinions, I think we should all agree vandalism and theft are never an option.”

The City of Ogden received some complaints about the sign but Lefler claims the city never asked him to remove the sign.

But Lefler doesn’t plan on bringing the sign back for next Christmas. Citing the cost and the controversy he just doesn’t feel it is worth it. Christmas loses this time.

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