Some Worried New Christmas Carol Flick May Be a Horror Film

Early reviews of this upcoming season’s release of A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carey and directed by Robert Zemeckis, are spurring Internet debates about just what kind of movie it will be.

Robert Zemickis said he thought people might get the wrong idea about A Christmas Carol because it is being released by Disney. “This is a movie for real movie fans, and real ghost-story fans and fans of graphic novels.”

But some reviewers, such as this one at, are finding the whole Christmas-flick-as-horror-movie a bit too much to ask:

I personally find this information puzzling. It doesn’t make that much sense to me that he is going all ghost-story with Dickens’ classic tale of family, forgiveness, charity, generosity, patience and fellowship. I’ve never really equated Charles Dickens to Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King, but that’ s not to say a “re-imagining” of the story wouldn’t be an interesting take on it though.

We’re trying to contain our mirth with such commentary. After all, Dicken’s himself called it and marketed the tale as a ghost story more than a century ago.

It is just one more sign that our modern culture is completely out of touch with our Christmas past.

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