Social Media Pounds Kmart for Early Christmas Ad

With 105 days to go to Christmas Kmart launched a new commercial this week. Forget the fact that the commercial’s theme is “Don’t let the sneak up on you”. Forget that what they are really promoting is their layaway program — a hotly contested part of Christmas marketing that Walmart started more than a month ago. Just remember that it uses the words “Christmas” and “holiday”.

That’s all that is needed to set people off.

A quick visit to Kmart’s Facebook page tells the story:

The fact that your corporation would even CONSIDER airing a holiday related commerical on SEPTEMBER 9th insures that this “consumer” will never spend a DIME on your merchandise when this holiday season actually does begin!

In the advertising business there are mixed reviews about Kmart’s strategy.

Kmart does admit they are “just excited about the holidays” but will go to work on “tweaking” the ad. Here it is:

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