Seattle Airport to Deny Christmas Trees Again

They will allow lights, garland and associated decorations of Christmas but not Christmas trees at the Seattle Airport. Late last year controversy ensued when a Rabbi cried foul that Christmas trees at the Seattle Airport violated separation of church and state and demanded that an 8-foot tall Menorah be placed next to the highest tree on display. The airport quickly took down the trees causing a media furor and fanning the flames of debate about the public display of Christmas.

This year they appear to be taking no chances by deciding during the heat of summer to bypass the controversy altogether. Forget the fact that Seattle is well known for it’s fir trees. Forget the fact that Christmas trees are not a religious symbol in any way.  

The decision for this year’s Christmas display at Sea-Tac was made by a 12-person committee who will now employ a designer to craft this year’s display. The committee included the Rabbi at the center of last year’s controversy though reports note that he has attended just one meeting of the commision this year.

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