School Kicks Santa Out of the Classroom

One school district isn’t allowing Santa Claus into any of its classrooms this year.

The move has some parents in the East Syracuse (New York) Minoa School District protesting the decision, which they say isn’t fair to the kids.

A letter from the School District said that programs that involve a singular tradition may not take place during regular school hours. They were referring to traditions like Santa Claus visiting kids in their classrooms.

Christmas is a big deal to Patti and her family, so she doesn’t want this year to be a Santa-less Christmas for anyone else. She’s starting a petition to let the school board know it’s okay to make Christmas and other holiday traditions a part of the classroom.

“We are going to take them to the school board to say to them maybe there is one family who doesn’t want it, but there are a whole lot more that do and that there really is no legal precedent to take Santa Claus out of the school or to celebrate other traditions,” Puma said.

Puma worries that because the letter was so vague it opens up the possibility students won’t be able to celebrate other traditions.

The district isn’t completely prohibiting holiday celebrations. The PTO is organizing evenings with Santa. The district says those are okay because they are voluntary and outside normal school hours.

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