SayMerryChristmas.Net Encourages Christians to ‘Walk Right Past That Door’

SayMerryChristmas.Net is fanning the flames of the fabled War on Christmas by promoting a new song via YouTube that encourages Christians to walk of out of stores that don’t greet people with the words “Merry Christmas”. Claiming credit for everything from Santa Claus to Christmas trees, the song warns “If you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window you walk right past that door”. The song takes a heavy hand promoting “Baby Jesus…as the one and only reason that we celebrate the season…”

“It is a shame that some feel compelled to fight back against the political battles involving Christmas by taking such a militant stand,” said Jeff Westover of My Merry, the world’s largest Christmas community online. “The message of Christmas upon the birth of Christ was peace on earth and good will to all men. This is hardly good will and I don’t think it is in the Spirit of Christ or Christmas to promote it like this. It divides people. The truth of the matter is that Christmas isn’t just sacred and it isn’t just secular. It is both. Movements like this one play on the emotions of people who get caught up in the disputes of Christmas in schools or court houses. They’re taking that fight into the marketplace and it is a marketplace reality that many people celebrate Christmas for other than religious reasons or they celebrate around the Christmas season but celebrate some other holiday. Merry Christmas is fine but so too is Happy Holidays. These guys are saying ‘Say Merry Christmas, or else!’. And that’s just wrong.”

The website does not indicate a sponsoring organization. The domain name is masked to prevent owneship from being revealed. “That’s really a concern,” Westover said. “To me, it looks like someone is just trying to capitalize on the emotions of those frustrated with the political debates of Christmas and they are making merchasdise of them by promoting a song and a slogan through the sales of CDs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts while hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.” deplores such activity, whether it comes from the like of the American Family Association, who isn’t afraid to put their name behind their efforts to sell the “Say Merry Christmas” movement, or from an anonymous merchandiser like This is what makes some believe there is an actual war on Christmas. While there are some retailers or entities that do not use the term “Merry Christmas” in their advertising or business campaigns is that a reason to call them out? Does their lack of “Merry Christmas” or use of “Happy Holidays” indeed make them anti-Christmas? believes it is a big world with diverse views, even or especially when it comes to things like Christmas. If ever there was a topic that deserved tolerance and patience from all sides it is Christmas. The “fight” for Christmas belongs in the public discourse about those areas we share. We share the sentiment that the treatment of Christmas has grown to absurd levels in places like schools and court houses where a Christmas tree has to be called a holiday tree. But at the same time, this “Say Merry Christmas” assault on retailers is equally offensive, arrogant and divisive.

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  • November 15, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    After reading the editor’s ‘OPINION’ and ‘CONJECTURE’ concerning our movement; The Say Merry Christmas Network, we felt compelled to offer our side of the story. Firstly, the inflammatory and sensationalist quote that our movement is taking a heavy hand, and that we are fanning the flames of (in your words…) ‘the fabled war on Christmas’ is grossly unfair and incorrect. The song that was written, produced and distribute outside of the Christmas Corporate Machine has a simple and inert suggestion; it innocently reminds everyone the real meaning behind our CHRISTmas HOLY-day.

    Your editorial also includes another personal opinion from a spokesperson of the web portal: My Merry, who feels our efforts are militant and politically divisive? Have either one of you even listened to the song? I think this verse from the song elucidates…

    “If you don’t believe the reasons for my Christmas… then it’s sure ok with me,
    Please don’t tell me what to say or what music I can play, After all my Christmas is my Special Day!”

    Our message is to unite Christians in support of their celebration and for their reason; to celebrate of the birth of Jesus Christ, not the commercial circus that has been built up and around the most important day in Christianity. We are fully aware that there are many non believers who still enjoy the Christmas festivities, but the Christian majority (an estimated 240 million people in the United States) are seeing their beliefs and freedoms gradually eroded by Politically Correct intrusions and assumptions. This is a passive demonstration that every Christian can join. Making this song, and it’s clear and precise message a commercial success is our goal, this seems to be the only way to affect change in contemporary consumer society. If it has no value… it has no value!

    We would also like to correct another inaccuracy; there is a contact link on the ‘’ site, there is no cloak of anonymity as implied in your editorial. Rather than making inaccurate conclusions based on a standard procedure in web-site ownership to the motive behind our efforts, perhaps if you truly are defending Christmas, you should look at the National Corporations and Media Outlets who base their whole profit predictions and financial stability on a HOLY-day that they go out of their way to hide and dilute. We feel this is unfair, and took it upon ourselves (without the backing of any sponsoring organization) to remind everyone the TRUE meaning of, and the reason for EVERYTHING Christmas. If you believe that your websites would be in existence without the commercialized exploitation of the birth of Jesus Christ? Or that the nativity is not the catalyst for everything that we all take for granted on and around every December 25th? The capitalization of Christmas lays nearer to your own door than of The Say Merry Christmas Network.

    The mainstream media is content to profit from the CHRISTmas season: CHRISTmas movies, CHRISTmas TV specials, CHRISTmas themed advertising and promotion, but, in a recent survey mentioned any religious reason or content in under 2% of their CHRISTmas broadcasting… This speaks volumes to support our efforts. Our freedom of speech has already been ridiculed and distorted by several of these mainstream outlets (as expected), giving validation to our cause and efforts.

    We dispute your claim that our method of communication is offensive, arrogant or divisive… and would like to remind you that if you are not part of the solution, your assumptions and opinionated statements make you part of the problem.

    Merry Christmas! and if I’m allowed to write this? God Bless You.

    Garry Grant
    The Say Merry Christmas Network
    (949) 413 6802

    P.S. It is the individual’s right to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas based on their own beliefs, 240 million American Christians believe in the birth of Jesus Christ, we are simply providing a platform to express their belief by voting in numbers that cannot be disputed within the same commercial forum that contemporary success is judged.

  • November 15, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Mr. Grant,
    There are a couple of things you miss in your rant.

    First, fights the WAR on the War on Christmas — meaning that we don’t believe there is a war on Christmas. Products such as you market for profit do nothing to support the cause we advance. In fact, it makes it worse than ever.

    Second, posting an email address of does nothing to tell anyone who you are. The fact that your e-commerce platform isn’t secure and that your profiteering by charging $3 for a five cent bumper sticker is another cause for concern for obvious reasons.

    Third, your methods are decidely capitalist…and arguably not very Christian. If you are Christian at all, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “What would Jesus do?”. He threw the money changers out of the Temple. He turned the other cheek. I’m just saying.

    There are plenty of reputable organizations, both sponsored by religious organizations and political groups, that Christians can turn to without having to buy your anonymous, price-bloated propoganda. Accusing your competitors of being the “Christmas Corporate Machine” is pretty ludicrous in comparison to what you are doing.

    We attempted to contact you last month when we were advised of your existence. Your lone email address either didn’t work or our attempts were ignored. This led in part to our story of your exploits. The Internet is a dangerous world rife with people claiming to be something they are not. Your efforts here to explain yourself have done little to cause our doubts about you to subside.

    Encouraging people to scream at merchants serving ALL Americans — not just the 240 million you claim are Christian (source?) — and demand that that say Merry Christmas is just wrong.

    We are big proponents of Christmas. But we are bigger proponents of the fact that America is a melting pot of many nationalities, races, languages and beliefs. We believe Christmas is not only a sacred celebration — it is likewise a secular celebration. We know many atheists, Jews and Muslims who celebrate Christmas in a secular fashion and we’re ok with that and that is because Christmas DOES belong to them too. It always has.

    In your laughable criticism of My Merry we humbly suggest you go there and do a little research about the history and origins of Chrsitmas, and more specificially, listen to podcast #11 titled “Sacred and Secular”. The education you’ll receive is eye-popping. Claiming exclusive right and use of Christmas is not only arrogant, it is morally wrong and definitely not something Jesus would do.

    Oh– and one last shot here. We’re not selling anything. You are. Defend that.

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