Brought Down by Islamic Hackers

The is reporting that the website for Kirk Cameron’s new movie,, has been hacked by Islamic hackers who have left dire warnings on the site in place of movie promotion.

We’re not sure if this is legitimate or merely a stunt to promote the movie.

If it is a stunt — and we doubt that it is — it is an ill-advised move that in the end will prove detrimental to the success of the production.

But if it is real the ramifications of this event are startling, regardless of how the movies does or if its message is accepted. Hackers of all varieties constantly hit most Christmas and Christian related websites. These events go largely undetected because in the background webmasters actively work to constantly thwart them.

But is a fairly new site. And it has a clearly stated purpose aimed at a large general audience. For hackers to bring it down so quickly while spreading a message of “Whoever has bad ideas about our religion and our country including internet websites we will fight with them…” could be an ominous warning for any site with a pro-Christian or pro-Christmas agenda.

It should be noted that hackers and spammers over the course of the past six months especially have been targeting Christmas and Christian themed websites at an unprecedented rate. Most attacks appear to be coming from Russia, China and the Middle East. This is the first successful hack that we’ve heard about that has included any kind of messaging.

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