Santa, Christmas and Racism

For all that is going on in the debates of Christmas this week nothing has brought us more email than a story we haven’t even covered: Megyn Kelly stating that Jesus and Santa Claus were white men. She did this (shown in the video segment below) in response to an essay on from a person describing her issues growing up black with a predominantly white Santa.

Santa is a controversial character without going into the whole race thing. We feel that like Christmas itself the history of Santa Claus is not known or appreciated and the whole practice is mostly mishandled by many who celebrate Christmas.

But to mix race into the discussion as a topic of the war on Christmas — well, that’s a whole new level of loony tunes.

First of all, the essay on was an opinion piece and, frankly, a good one. If that was this person’s experience with Santa as a black kid we’d be wise to listen to her experience. Her suggestion of making Santa a penguin does nothing for her argument, but that’s another topic for another day.

But this Fox segment of a panel of four white participants debating the issue is over-the-top. In fact, to watch it you have to think “Are they really serious about this?”

This simple truth of the matter is that we don’t really know what race Jesus or Santa were.

Even more basic, who cares?

The fact that this would be publicized as an issue is laughable. The opinion piece was gaining no traction and there has never been a movement afoot to change whatever Santa or Jesus is to anyone. Both are portrayed as predominantly white. So what? That doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it wrong. The very idea is irrelevant to Christmas.

While discussing this isn’t an active part of the whole “war on Christmas” making this a controversial issue will only detract what should really be promoted about Christmas in the first place.

For the record, the one who appears to be winning this debate…is Jon Stewart of Comedy Central (he seems to be scoring the most points in this season of “war”). Not O’Reilly, not Palin, not the FFRF or American Atheists, Inc.

That alone should highlight how absurd the media conversations about Christmas have become.

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