Sal Lizard as Santa Goes Political

Over the years we have seen Santa in both a good and a bad light. But 2012 has been a rough year for Sal Lizard, a so-called professional Santa who has been promoting his new book all season while appearing as Santa as he does every year. Recently he was on FoxNews where he was goaded into discussing the War on Christmas…and he took the bait:

Who is Santa Claus to engage in political discussion? Does Lizard not realize that there is nothing offensive in the term “Happy Holidays”? The only people calling “Happy Holidays” politically correct are those who say “Merry Christmas” is maligned (as does Lizard). There is nothing remotely offensive in the term “Happy Holidays:, just as there is nothing offensive in the term “Merry Christmas”. In this case, one good turn does not deserve another. Lizard demeans the image of Santa by lowering Santa to the level of political hacks. That should never be Santa’s schtick.

Shame on Santa Lizard for going there. We are sure he didn’t want to engage in the debates of the War on Christmas but we ARE sure he wants to sell more books. Shame on Sal for using the image of Santa out there like that. What ever it is that he claims he learned in “Being Santa” it is clear he has not learned enough.

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