Rhode Island Concedes: It is a Christmas Tree

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee has a habit of changing his mind (pundits call it flip-flopping). Once he was a Republican, then he became an Independent, and then he turned himself into a Democrat.

His other claim to fame was calling the state Christmas tree of Rhode Island a holiday tree — and sticking to it for years, much to the chagrin of, well, Rhode Island Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Today he announced that this year the state Christmas tree is no longer a holiday tree — it is a Christmas tree.

“Despite the myriad of pressing issues facing Rhode Island and the nation, this presumably happy event became a focal point for too much anger,” Chafee said. “Because I do not think how we address the State House tree affects our ‘lively experiment,’ this year’s invitation calls the tree a Christmas tree.”

State Representative Doreen Costa has led the charge to call the State House tree a Christmas tree. For the past two years she has hosted her own Christmas tree lighting at the State House in protest.

“I think it is a win, win situation because they are actually calling it a Christmas tree,” said Costa. Costa said as long as the tree is called a Christmas Tree this year she will cancel her own Christmas Tree lighting which was set for Dec. 11.

In 2011, Costa passed a resolution in the RI House of Representatives declaring that the State House tree should be called a Christmas Tree.

The next predictable chapter in this episode in the phony war on Christmas will be the declaration of victory by Bill O’Reilly and cohorts on Fox News.

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