Reports of Naughty Santas from All Over

What is up with Santa this year? The major media has focused on two stories so far this season of Santa impersonators behaving badly. A mall Santa in Maine was fired and replaced after treating a child poorly when her parent refused a $20 photo package. And a Toronto Santa was sacked after telling a kid the Maple Leafs “suck”.

We don’t know why it is happening but is now viewed by some as a reporting station for Santas behaving badly. So far this season we have received complaints about the price of visits with Santa Claus in Atlanta, the attitude about a Santa in Kentucky, a Santa taking pictures with scantily clad women in San Francisco and another Santa in New Mexico who told a group of teenagers to “grow-up!”.

We cannot authenticate any of these complaints. And we really cannot do anything about them.

Our experience with the Santas of the world is largely positive. In fact, we believe more of them deserve credit for their good service, many to charitable causes. In the coming days we will try to highlight those stories to offset all the anti-Santa news that seems to be popping up out there. We have a suspicion that the good far outweighs the bad in Santa Claus of 2012.

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