Religious Advocacy Group Calls Atheists Terrorists

The national advocacy group In God We Trust today condemned efforts of national atheist organizations and left-wing legal groups aimed at terrorizing Americans into not celebrating Christmas.

“Americans have become accustomed to the whining and calls for censorship of anti-religion activists during the Christmas season,” says In God We Trust’s Chairman Bishop Council Nedd. “However, this year opponents of the holiday are escalating their ‘War on Christmas’ to a whole new level. Their goal is harass, mock and scare people into censoring themselves and hiding their Christmas celebrations.”

Nedd specifically points out that the national atheist group the American Humanist Association has launched an unprecedented national advertising campaign mocking the meaning of the Christmas holiday. In Washington, state officials have banned all holiday displays from the state Capitol. Additionally, in Loudoun County, Virginia, government officials have banned any type of Christmas or holiday displays including Christmas trees and menorahs from public property fearing attacks from anti-religion activists.

“Americans are being terrorized into banishing Christmas from public life,” Nedd warns. “The hate and venom spewing from some of these anti-religious groups is so great that some jurisdictions are tearing down even secular Christmas displays as fast as they can.”

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