Red and Green Lights Under Fire as Religious

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado is no stranger to the War on Christmas. For years they have publicly debated whether or not Christmas decorations should be allowed on public property. Their debate has become so sharply tuned that by November 20th of this year they will decide whether to ban red and green lights as “religious symbols” in displays on public property, according to WorldNetDaily.

“Some symbols, even though the Supreme Court has declared that in many contexts they are secular symbols, often still send a message to some members of the community that they and their traditions are not valued and not wanted. We don’t want to send that message,” Seth Anthony, a spokesman for the committee, told the Fort Collins, Colo., Coloradoan.

He said the recommended language does not specifically address Christmas trees by name, but the consensus was that they would not fall within acceptable decorations.

What will be allowed are white lights and “secular” symbols not associated “with any particular holiday” such as icicles, unadorned greenery and snowflakes, the task force said.

Amazingly, the special task force is reportedly made up of a coalition of religious and business leaders in the community.

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