Rasmussen Poll Shows 75% Believe in Christmas in Schools

A Rasmussen Poll released today indicates that 75% of Americans think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools. This poll illustrates the big divide between the concerns of parents against those of administrators and educators who have worked to diminish Christmas in schools.

Several stories this from this season highlight why this issue might be top of mind with Americans:

A Texas elementary school is hosting a “winter party” with the express direction not to include the mention of Christmas or the use of Christmas music or decor (or even red and green colors)

A South Carolina school attempted to ban even Christmas music melodies — not just lyrics or titles

Groups claiming to represent atheists successfully stopped Christmas-related fundraising in schools by threatening expensive lawsuits

A school in Georgia banned Christmas music unless it was secular in nature only

A New Jersey School District Banned Christmas music but backed down under pressure

A Wisconsin School District banned Christmas music, causing a music director to disband music groups

A Canadian School cancelled Christmas music and replaced it with African drumming

These are just the stories of debates over Christmas in schools since the first part of October.

Texas passed the Merry Christmas Bill in June and since then five other states: Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, New Jersey and now Oklahoma are all in the process of adopting similar measures that would protect schools against litigation and the first amendment right to celebrate Christmas in public schools.

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