Radio Station Now Says October Christmas Music was a Prank

FM 103.7 in Richmond, Virginia says they were only kidding. After receiving nationwide attention for getting very public flack over playing Christmas music in October the radio station un-flipped the format later in the afternoon and claimed it was all a joke and meant as a means of promoting a breast cancer awareness campaign it kicks off next week.

Via it’s Facebook page the station said, “You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you for letting us “PLAY” with you today! We hope you had a great time getting your fa la la and holly jolly jingles on. To everyone who knew we were having fun, you are smart (Christmas) cookies — and, well, there are a few of you that belong on Santa’s naughty list for those potty mouths!”

Well, ok. We bought into too.

But we can’t help but be a little suspicious. After all, April fools is months away. And the station never once made mention of the breast cancer thing — until now.

And, frankly, a lot of radio stations flip their music to Christmas in October (even though that would be news for this particular station).

So did they really pull a prank — or did they just cave to the naysayers?

We’ll never really know. What we do know is that a lot of people now are more aware of FM 103.7 in Richmond, Virginia. And it won’t be the last time a radio station used Christmas to advance itself.

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