Principal Cites Parental Objections to Christmas Play

An elementary school principal’s decision to cancel a class field trip to see a Christmas play in downtown Boston has sparked controversy in one Boston-area town.

Principal Evander French Jr. canceled his school’s seventh-grade’s field trip to see “Miracle on 34th Street” after some parents complained that the play focused too much on Santa Claus, the Boston Herald reported.

French, the principal of the McCall Middle School, decided against letting the students attend the Dec. 19 performance at the Stoneham Theater, saying some parents complained that it didn’t tie into the school’s curriculum and parents could take their children to see the play on their own.

The Herald reported that many parents are not happy, even though they were reimbursed for the $20 ticket, saying if other parents didn’t want their children to attend the play they didn’t have to go.

The principal said he received an e-mail last week saying the play’s Santa theme was “objectionable” to some in the school community.

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