Police Call Hyatt Christmas Irresponsible

The ever-escalating Christmas light fight between the city of Plantaion, Florida and the Mark Hyatt Family took another odd turn as the city police have taken the rare step of issuing a public rebuke:

“In their unbridled zeal to promote themselves and their ‘Extreme Christmas’ holiday display in their single family residential neighborhood and without any regard for public safety or the complaints of their neighbors, the Hyatts are acting irresponsibly, and are causing the City to take necessary and well considered steps,”

Reaction on all sides of the issue have been as extreme as the display. The Hyatts have plenty of defenders and detractors from the local area. This was gathered from various social media outlets:

— “Bah humbug to the city of plantation, you really out of your mind thinking there is a problem, you should bee dealing with the cry baby neighbors instead, they are the problem.”

— “Well thank God they are not my neighbors. Imagine the traffic you have to fight to get home every day. Makes sense. The house looks like an amusement park. They are not concerned about the disabled and the elderly. BS.”

— “Again, move in next to these people. Enjoy watching strange men peeing in your front yard…..”

— “We enjoyed going last year, and I think we’ll go again this year. It’s a beautiful display. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt!!”

— “Seriously though, some people have NO IDEA that they are creating a nuisance for their neighbors. They only see their own “good” intentions, and as such utterly disregard the consequences for the people who live near them. That’s a sign of stupidity.”

— “What does a ferris wheel have to do with Christmas ? The house just has a bunch of electrical hazards in front of it. Ferris wheels need permits I think?”

— “Unless there has been some incident that has caused a danger to the public, then taking “proactive measures” by the police department and calling it such, is simply the opinion of an over zealous police chief. Sounds like the grounds for a lawsuit. I like it… I think I’ll drive by this house in support of their display.”

— “Such a beautiful display! And collecting donations of food for the needy at the holidays from those who visit is truly in the spirit of the season. But it seems some neighbors must have lodged complaints in order for police to be present. PLEASE do not blame the police for doing the job they are told to do- I’m certain that, to a person, NONE of these officers want the display removed. I pray the display will remain and the Hyatt family can continue spreading good cheer in the Christmas season.”

To all this we simply say: Peace on earth, goodwill to all men.

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