Philly Removes Christmas From Village

It is known as a Christmas festival. For some time the event, made to look like a German Christmas Market, has been known as a “Christmas Village”. It has Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas decor for sale of all kinds. But now it will be known as a “Holiday” Village because the city says there were complaints from workers and residents. “As a city of great diversity, one shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a difference of views when it comes to symbols and words,” says city spokesman Mark McDonald.

Initial news reports did not state who the complainers were. But as the story has gathered steam, so too has the heart-wrenching excuses of the name-less, face-less complainers who, even though this event is not new, felt this year was the time to complain to the City.

After all, there are also Jewish and Muslim vendors among the wooden booths that make up the Philadelphia replica of the traditional German Christmas Village, which officially opened Nov. 25.
There was also a story that reached Negrin about a little Jewish girl walking with her father who asked, Negrin said, “Dad, don’t we get a village?”

Philly is awash in complainers now. And from what we can see most want it called “Christmas” instead of “Holiday”.

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