Pastor Goes After Florida City for Denying Creche

Outspoken pastor Mark Boykin claimed Thursday that Boca Raton officials have marginalized the Christian faith by neglecting to include a Christmas crèche at City Hall’s holiday decorations.

City Hall is adorned with Christmas decorations, including a menorah and a Christmas tree, which led Boykin, a pastor at the Church of All Nations, to claim discrimination against the Christian faith.

“We feel like we have been marginalized, and we feel like that they have not given any credibility to the Christian faith,” Boykin said.

Boykin said adding a crèche to the Christmas display at City Hall is the only way to represent the Christian faith.

“A manger, or a crèche, is venerated around the world,” Boykin said. “It’s an icon to most people, whether they’re in Bethlehem or Boca Raton. Everyone sees that as a sacred symbol.”

Boykin and 60 of his followers will gather Friday afternoon at City Hall to make a formal request for a crèche to be added to the display.

“We have determined that we are not going to be put off,” Boykin said. “We’re not going to be ignored. We’re not going to be marginalized. We’re going to seek an answer.”

Last year, Boykin also lobbied to get a nativity scene placed beside the menorah at the city library.

“The city of Boca Raton celebrates the holiday season by having displays in the lobbies of public buildings in a manner consistent with Supreme Court and other judicial rulings,” city officials said in a statement.

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