Outrage as London and Toronto Stores Merchandise Christmas

The annual war on Christmas always begins with Christmas Creep and this year it begins with international flavor. Early this first week of August upscale London retailer Selfridges opened their Christmas store to wide media disdain while Costco in Canada — which has been selling winter coats since June — has now put up the Christmas trees and lights.

Selfridges claims their 3000 square foot Christmas offering was launched to capitalize on the summer tourist trade at their flagship Oxford store. Knowing they would be facing some media heat for making the first push of Christmas in stores Selfridges almost relished all the attention, saying:

“We have been opening the doors to our Christmas Shop during the summer for years now and have become a real destination for those fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK.”

Costco isn’t apologizing either. They claim they have been merchandising Christmas in August since 1986.

One Canadian radio station took to Twitter to harvest negative reactions to Costco’s Christmas offerings.

In the USA only the hobby and craft stores seem to pushing Christmas already and they claim do-it-yourselfers drive that business as they get busy now working on Christmas projects. In the coming weeks we can expect USA Costcos, Sam’s Clubs, Walmarts and Targets to all switch from back-to-school promotional merchandising to Christmas — a period of time where patio sets are on clearance side-by-side with Christmas trees.

It happens every year but every year the media claims it happens earlier than ever.

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