O’Reilly Cranks Up War on Christmas Machine

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly has deputized himself yet again as the watchdog of the War on Christmas — announcing last night that the war was on for 2013.

Which is too bad because last year he said he won and it was over.

The funny thing about this is the incomplete information he gives on the history of Christmas.

The pathetic thing is how he inserts himself as all-important in the cause.

The War on Christmas is not what you think it is, Mr. O’Reilly. And the number of people who believe there is a war on Christmas is a lot less than you think.

You also need to learn the fact that the word “holiday” is not a dirty word. It is perfectly acceptable to say holiday as it too signifies Christmas as a “holy day”.

O’Reilly will share news and information just as we will about the so-called War on Christmas. The problem is that he won’t give all the facts and he’ll represent only one side of the equation. Many of these stories, we agree, are ridiculous.

But there are always two sides. And a journalist should be looking to get both sides of the story out.

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