O’Reilly and Fox News Claim Victory with Merry Christmas Bill

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News claims they “fought a righteous battle to make sure that the term “Merry Christmas” in America was respected, we won that, even though the left denied there was any problem at all” and hold up at their proof the passage of the Merry Christmas Bill by the Texas State Legislature. View the video here.

O’Reilly needs to temper his coverage of the War on Christmas.

In fact, if O’Reilly and Fox News in particular were to change their approach to these controversies we might find ourselves more on their side. But harping in this fashion or declaring victory in this way does nothing to give credibility to themselves or to the greater battle really going on here.

Does O’Reilly really expect us to believe that the term “Merry Christmas” was ever in any danger in America? Or that it needed saving?

The arguments here are serious. Atheists and others who view Christmas as a religious promotion in schools have legitimate concerns in some cases. While there are countless exaggerated examples we have covered over the years of frivolous lawsuits and complaints lodged against schools there are countless undocumented examples of schools and atheists working together as well. Never has the term “Merry Christmas” been in danger of extinction.

Once again we call on Bill O’Reilly and Fox News to just report the facts in these cases and stop the whole business of the “War on Christmas”. It isn’t a war on Christmas. It is a war on Religion.

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