Oregon School District Fires First Shot in 2011 War on Christmas

Here we go again. The Hillsboro School District Board resurrected the classic school calendar debate when a board member insisted on listing on the 2011-12 school calendars a “Christmas Break” instead of the more politically correct “Winter Break”. Even though the audience of 75 (mostly teachers) loudly voiced their disapproval of the measure it passed by a 4-3 vote.

Board member Hugh O’Donnell said that Christmas isn’t a “religious holiday for many folks. It’s a strong American tradition.”

John Peterson agreed. “This is a recognition of American culture,” he said. “No one is being asked in the school setting to adhere to Christian beliefs,” Peterson said, at times reading from a document he prepared eight years ago, when the board had the same debate.

“I’m offended by those who are such adherents to political correctness,” Peterson noted.

The term Winter Break “respects everyone in the community,” said board member Janeen Sollman. “Many Americans don’t celebrate Christmas …. It boils down to respect.”

The interesting thing about this very public ongoing debate in Oregon is that most public polls show widespread support for the use of the term “Christmas” in school calendars.

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