Only the Stores Get Slammed for Christmas Creep

earlyWalt Disney World kicked off Christmas on November 7th…but you hear no complaints in the media about Christmas creep in the Magic Kingdom. Yes, Costco gets busted for selling Disney Christmas stuff but Disney itself, gets a pass.

It has been a year of epic rants about “Christmas creep”. This one is so sour you think the writer needs serious counseling. This editorial has been running in newspapers across the country and it claims “Christmas creep is ruining the holidays for everyone”.

We just love the broad generalizations of the media. Christmas is ruined but Disney sells out Christmas the first week of November. Go figger.

Meanwhile, the world of Christmas radio flipped on (many before Halloween) and the New York Times sings the praises of the practice…with nary a word about Christmas creep. And why not? Christmas radio is wildly popular. And, of course, radio stations are part of the media.

They get a pass too.

Entertainment in general is never accused of Christmas creep. Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular? The media loves them and has no problem with their early November Christmas. A live performance of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas? A great way to spend the first week of November.

But, say the critics, the problem isn’t with those who perform or entertain for Christmas. After all, they only have so many days to get the job done. It’s part of the Christmas experience. But the stores, those greedy buggers, they don’t have to sell Christmas so early. It’s the selling of Christmas that is so wrong.

Really? Tell that to the superstars of music. Country star Sara Evans was all over the media talking Christmas — in October. Nobody called her a creep.

Christmas creep is so awful, so pervasive, so evil that according to a new survey more than 70 percent of us HATE it. REALLY?!!!

Uh…no. Actually, we love it. Web searches for all things Christmas ramps up in August. And besides, other surveys support the idea that an early Christmas is a good Christmas.

Christmas creep is a myth — both the idea that it happens and the idea that most of us can’t stand it. Luckily, the media only seems to find it in stores. So if you hate Christmas, stay out of the stores.

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