One Man Holding Up Oklahoma Merry Christmas Bill

After months of consideration it is down to one man in Oklahoma in getting the Merry Christmas Bill there passed.

A grass roots campaign to reach Senator John Ford of Oklahoma is underway as proponents of the Merry Christmas Bill there struggle to bring the legislation before the state Senate for a final vote. Senate Education Committee chairman Ford apparently does not see a need for the bill, frustrating the fellow Republicans who brought the popular legislation forward.

With just a short period of time left in the legislative session to advance the bill this year supporters are asking citizens who approve the legislation to contact Ford. He can be reached at 918-914-9300 or 405-521-5634.

Oklahoma is the 7th state to consider such a measure and it was learned late last week that legislators in Louisiana will be the 8th state to vote on such a bill. The bill has passed in every state so far presented with overwhelming majorities mostly driven by Republicans.

The bill typically is written as a means to protect school districts from lawsuits. In recent years out-of-state organizations such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation have sued on behalf of local residents over the observance of Christmas in public schools. From children singing carols to the use of the phrase “Merry Christmas” secular groups have attacked schools as promoting religion as violation of the establishment clause in the U.S. Constitution.

It is widely viewed as a weak argument but school districts typically don’t have the resources to fight such frivolous law suits in court and end up complying with their demands, thus angering parents and disappointing kids. The simple legislation protects against such lawsuits and sets up basic rules for presenting Christmas in schools fairly.

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