Obama Holiday Card Fizzles as A Battle in War on Christmas

Ever since President Obama entered the White House we have had to endure countless references to how the Obamas don’t observe Christmas (we think they do, as it is apparent the Prez goes Christmas shopping every year).

There are also complaints we receive about the White House calling it a “holiday” tree and not a Christmas tree. And we get links all the time to any PC-filtered references to Christmas by anyone or anything associated with the White House.

Like this year’s White House holiday cards. (Their words this year, not added by us).

Frankly, unlike most issues related to the so-called War on Christmas, we feel this one is really amongst the silliest.

This year’s official White House Christmas card (our words) shows the Obama pooch Bo romping in front of a snowy White House. Here is the image, created by Iowan artist Larassa Kabel:

2012 White House Christmas Card
2012 White House Christmas Card

Now, we know you’re gonna ask: what does it say inside? This is the greeting:

“This season, may your home be filled with family, friends and the joy of the holidays,” it reads. The card is signed by “Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha, Bo.”

We could point you to a lot of outrage out there about this card. Like this one. Or this one. Or even this one from MSN, of all places.

But, before you get on your horse by reading those links let’s just think a little: President Obama is president of ALL the United States — the sacred and secular celebrants of Christmas. Holiday is not a dirty word.

And it IS a great looking card.

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