NJ School District Backs Down on Ban of Christmas Music

That was fast. The Bordentown Regional School District quickly backtracked and then rescinded their declaration of a ban on religious Christmas music in public schools — after seeing the (Constitutional) writing on the wall. They made national headlines just last week for their ban.

On Friday, Superintendent of Schools Constance J. Bauer posted a notice to parents on the district’s website that states, “In reviewing additional legal considerations and advice on this matter and the expressed sentiments of the community at large, I have reconsidered the decision on the musical selection for the upcoming winter programs so that pieces with traditional and historical religious origins will be permitted. Concurrently, the Board will continue its review of the larger policy implications for the future.”

Previously, Bauer had publicly stated that “religious music should not be part of the elementary program(s).” She then banned any and all religious music in the December concerts that the district’s elementary schools normally hold.

“Misinformation about the First Amendment is frequently what leads to censorship of constitutionally permissible and culturally significant songs performed during Christmas concerts,” adds senior legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “We commend Superintendent Bauer for once again permitting religious music to be included among the many nonreligious songs performed at school concerts.”

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