New Zealand Anti-Christ Billboard Vandalized

A controversial Christmas time billboard depicting the Virgin Mary holding up a pregnancy testing kit has been vandalised.

A large portion was torn off the billboard erected at Auckland Anglican church St Matthew-in-the-City by a group calling itself Catholic Action.

Spokesman Arthur Skinner said he and other concerned Catholics want the faith maintained and not blasphemed by what he says are the rainbow group at the church.

“This country needs to be very careful what it is doing to the mother of God,” he told ONE News.

“This is the sort of stuff that God absolutely slams a country for. We were shocked as Catholics that the politicians will allow this attack on the one true faith – the Roman Catholic faith.”

“They’ve let this group of radicals attack the virgin this is the kind of thing people go to hell for.”

Skinner said New Zealand is the only country he knows of that allows banners like this to go up.

“It’s more than sick.”

He said it could impact tourism for the county and New Zealand is the “darkest country in the world”.

He said the pregnancy test is a “symbol of death” because it implies she may have wanted to abort Jesus if she knew she was pregnant.

Skinner said he is guilty of vandalising the billboard.

“If they want to arrest me then so be it,” he said.

Billboards put up by St Matthew in past years have also attracted controversy and have been vandalised.

The church describes itself as catering for a progressive congregation.

Skinner orchestrated a protest at the national museum, Te Papa, in Wellington, over its display of the Virgin in a Condom in 1998.

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